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About MyPack

MyPack is a Design Service for Shopify Print on demand Merchant

It enables all Shopify Print on demand merchants to easily procure design packages within their Shopify Admin.

  • Get Started for Free and download All Free Designs instantly.
  • Upgrade to get access to Premium Designs.
  • Use the designs to create unlimited product variants to sell.

How MyPack Works?

It's actually so simple that it's hard to explain

Step 1- Discover your Design

Explore and Discover the design that matches your audience and the current market trend.

Step 2- Download the Design

You Download the Design, Use the Design file to Create any kind of Product Mockups from Any POD provider.

Step 3- Sell Unlimited Units

You can sell unlimited units of any type of products on any channel without paying any royalty or attribution


Reliable & Hassle Free Design Procurement

Get Free access to designs added every month witout ever leaving your Shopify Admin. A new Design is just a few clicks away.

Create Unlimited Product variants.

The designs you download can be used to create and sell unlimited units without paying any royalty or attribution.

Always choose from the most trendy designs

New designs are updated every month to ensure you have the most trending designs.

100% Safe & Secure Downloads

All Files you download are scanned and verified as 100% safe and secure, causing no harm to your device or OS in any manner.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Answer: Shopify will cancell your recurring subscription and delete the data associated with it, and all MyPack Data included but not limited to Shop, Downloads, Redownloads, Subscription is deleted immideately, and no copies of the same are stored anywhere as per our data-processing terms.

    Note- Though you have complete obligation to uninstall the MyPack app, doing it might cause potential loss of future design packages(Especially Free Design Packs) and Pending Premium Downloads would be void since your subscription would be cancelled, hence we recommend you avoid uninstalling the MyPack app to avoid any such issues and benefit from MyPack service for lifetime.

  • Answer: MyPack eliminates the need for you to spend any time or effort in procuring designs for your POD business and helps you get trending designs without any hassle.

  • With Mypack Pro Subscription, you get access to Premium Design Packages to be downloaded unlimited times and used for merchendise purposes with any POD provider for unlimited products, please refer our terms of service and license agreement for better understanding.

  • No, as per our terms of service and license agreement you cannot sell, distribute , share or transmit package contents to anyone anywhre anyhow, doing so leads to violation of our license and terms of service agreement. and will lead to legal proceedings.

  • You can download all free design packages as and whenever you require, and unlimited premium designs once you have authorized billing for MyPack pro plan

  • Please refer to our terms of service and License agreement for a formal and legal statement on what you cant do, simply put, you cannot share, sell or transmit the package content with anyone, anywhere anyhow and you cannot continue selling the products created using MyPack Design Packs or use the package contents anyhow anywhere after uninstalling the MyPack or cancelling your MyPack Pro Subscription.

  • free packages are updated periodically.

  • Our Design Team works round the clock to craft and procure trendy and indemand designs to fullfill your customer demands and match your niche. Design Packages are Added dynamically periodically to ensure you have the most updated designs to choose from.

  • No, You can redownload an already downloaded design any number of times and it won't be counted as a unique download and will notbilled for it.

  • No, once you have cancelled or unsubscribed from the MyPack Pro Subscription you cannot sell any item using the design your got from our packages neither can you run ads or sell the design, distribute design with anyone, anyhow as per our Terms or Service and License Agreement.


Please reach out to us incase you have any queries or requirements.

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